My hives are all gong!! Read my story, please chick here

~J.H in Waco



My Muscle pain is completely gong!! Read my story, please chick here.

~D.R in Crawford



I injured both rotator cuffs about 5 months ago. I had the surgeries to fix my shoulder but the pain is still consistent, and I had several sessions of physical therapy. The pain remained on 5 on the 0-10 pain scale. After the first acupuncture session, my pain went down to 1 on the pain scale. There is no comparison between acupuncture and other therapies that I received!

Roger in Riesel 

I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1960 and again in 1966. I received radiation treatments on my left side of the neck and shoulder region. As result of the treatment, I started to have pain and spasms in the neck and shoulder region. I tried physical therapy and chiropractic care, the effects did not last long. I started acupuncture treatments since 2008 because I knew acupuncture would be beneficial for my condition. I have had very good results with acupuncture; occasionally, I still have some flare ups of my left shoulder but they are nor as bad as before. 

Dorothy in Waco



For six months I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for pain in my jaw, neck and shoulder, with excellent results.  I am a college musician with stress and repeated strain to muscles.  Acupuncture helps me relax and enjoy playing my instrument in all the required performances.
~ Camille in Waco



In March after many doctors told me, “there’s nothing wrong with you, you just have to ignore it” I came to Waco Acupuncture for help with constant ringing in my ears.  Through treatment both herbal and acupuncture, I am able to make it through the day.
My results have been a blessing. Now I can try to keep up with my grandchildren.
~ Sandy in Hewitt



Through a health fair in my work place I found Waco Acupuncture, where I received help for lower back pain, and peripheral neuropathy from diabetes.  The difference it made is beyond words.  It has helped tremendously with my motion and circulation. When regular doctors couldn’t find the cause of my low back pain acupuncture helped resolve the problem. I no longer need a cane and am enjoying riding my Harley.
~ Dickey in Waco



Seven years after back surgeries doctors told me the pain would never go away due to scar tissue.  The scar tissue was a result of the surgeries. I tried acupuncture hoping for some relief from the constant pain. Through the placement of the needles I have relief for a few days at a time. My insurance company referred me to acupuncture.
~ Maria in China Spring



I tried two times IVF and they were not successful. I was very stressful with the IVF processes. My friend told me that acupuncture may help my condition so I went to Waco Acupuncture for the treatment. After several sessions, my fertility doctor told me try another IVF, I was not successful again. This time, I followed Dr. Cui's suggestion to wait on the IVF and give my body more rest. I receive more acupuncture and heral treatments and two months later, I did the IVF agian and got pregnant! I am on my sixth month pregnany now!

~ Kelly in Waco



Being young and not being able to stand up straight because of the pain from a herniated disc made me seek treatment.  My father had great results with Waco Acupuncture for a condition while visiting from out of state.  With treatment I am able to stand tall and function without pain today. I am back to normal.
~ K. in China Spring



I suffered from fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue and problems sleeping for about 20 years before I sought treatment.  It took a while to notice a difference but I had been sick for a long time.  I have noticed a big difference in how I feel from the treatment and the herbs.  They are super nice here.  I am very pleased with the treatment.  It helped with pain, depression, and especially the fatigue.  I am very pleased to cut down on my sleep medication.
~ Judy in Waco



All my life, or for at least as long as I can remember I suffered with seasonal allergies.
Twice a year I was sick, and would have sinus infections and even pneumonia.  For over a year I have been treated for this condition and I have been well for over a year.  I can even be outside without sneezing. I am so pleased I am able to live like a normal person.
~ Valerie in Waco



I sit at a computer responding to company emails all day.  I spend 8 hours a day typing with two monitors on my desk to do my job.  I had neck and shoulder tightness that caused headaches, tingling and numbness in my hands and fingers. My daughter suggested I seek acupuncture for my condition.  In 1973 I was in a car accident that injured my neck. I recovered, but with age my condition worsened.  I had a hard time turning my head side to side.  Doctors were unable to get any results, and I refused to live on pain medication from that point on in time. I wanted something to treat the condition.
Acupuncture has increased my mobility side to side, my muscles are less tight and I have less pain in my neck and shoulder.  I have also benefited from ear candles.  My hearing has improved greatly.
~ Lucy in Robinson



I am a lady of a certain age with what some call power surges, or hot flashes.  Just the thought of anything hot or ironing a shirt for work would trigger a hot flash. I could not get cool enough.  My husband and I were in a constant battle all year long over the control of the thermostat in our home.  Since I have taken herbs, in tea form or pill form and had acupuncture there is peace in our home, I am comfortable in a normal temperature.
~ Linda in Mexia



My work in a call center as a customer service representative depends on my being able to hear clearly.  Ear candling has made all the difference to me.  In one session I was able to hear more clearly both on the phone and in normal conversation with others.
~ Sherri in West



After loosing my only child at, my husband and I decided to try again.  Doctors tried to help us with no results. The ultrasounds showed polycystic ovaries, my tubes were blocked by cyst. I turned to acupuncture and in the next two months with treatment my tubes were cleared and I was able to conceive. My second baby was born in July 2009. After one year, we want another child, but my menstrual cycle was all mass up. I did not have my menstrual cycle after my second baby born. I went to Waco Acupuncture Clinic again for more help. My menstrual cycle started after couple acupuncture sessions and I got my third baby in March, 2012. Thanks so much!!
~ Beverly in Whitney 



I felt like I was bleeding to death, when endometriosis struck me.  My regular menstrual cycle had just gone crazy. I had pain and was drained of all my energy.  The doctor gave me hormone replacement to stop the bleeding, and it did not work.  I came for acupuncture and herbal treatment. Within one month of these treatments I have been able to resume a pain free life.  Herbal tea and needle therapy made the difference and balanced my hormones to stop the bleeding.
~ Mandy in Waco  



At over $5 for a pack of cigarettes I decided to try to quit.  I had to drive from Clifton three times a week for about two weeks for treatment but it was worth it.  I haven’t had a cigarette since.  Acupuncture and the herbs helped make my quitting a success.
~ Judy in Clifton 


I suffer from TMJ.  My jaw never seems to be aligned. Because of this problem I get migraine headache.  I would have to miss work and miss out on other things I wanted to do in my life.  Since coming to Waco Acupuncture the pain is better and I haven’t had a migraine. I almost feel like I can relax.
~ Carol in Woodway 



Stress in my life has made my blood pressure go up, along with a family history of high blood pressure.  Coming for acupuncture has lowered my stress. As a busy mom with children in a lot of activities I know that the hour I spend is just for me.  I am able to relax and regroup while the needles do their trick.  My blood pressure is lower and I am calmer.
~ Mindy in Crawford 



I love to run, but after a 5K run my heel was killing me. I could not walk and went to the doctor.  I was told I had Planters fasciitis. After weeks of rest and pain meds I was referred to acupuncture.  Waco Acupuncture treated my heel and in two or three treatments I was back in my sneakers doing what I love.

~ James in McGregor



After three times miscarrages, I was so disapointed. I went to a fertility doctor in Austin and he told me I had a polyp in the uterus where my egg can not implanted well. I learned that acupuncture can help for fertility, so that's why I went to Waco Acupuncture Clinic. After I started the acupuncture and herbal treatments, I had another two miscarriges in the spring time. Then I had knee surgury in the summer. After that, Dr. Cui suggested me not try to get pregnant for several months until my body is fully recovered. Meanwhile, I still receive the acupuncture and herbal treamtments. In October, Dr. Cui told me it is the time for pregnancy. I did not have miscarriage this time and my baby was born in August, 2012. 

~Katie in Waco







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