What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is the oldest continually practiced medical science in the world. Its written history stretches back at least 2500 years, although legend ad tradition states that it is between 4000 and 5000 years ago.


TCM uses acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and other traditional healing techniques to treat a wide range of human diseases by balancing human body, increasing immunity, altering states of mind and enhancing recuperative power.

What is the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, the basic energy force of life which flows through all things is called Qi-meaning “energy flows”.
In the human body, this force travels along twelve primary and two secondary channels or meridians (Du and Ren). The flow of Qi through these channels helps to circulate the blood and regulate the nervous system.


Qi has two aspects: Yin is the negative aspect and Yang is the positive aspect. The twelve primary channels through which Qi flows are divided into six Yin and six Yangchannels. For each Yin channel, there is a corresponding Yang channel. Despite their negative and positive natures, Yin and Yang are two aspects of the same force. Yin and Yang must be in balance for Qi to flow freely and for all living beings to function properly. When Yin and Yang are out of balance, the body is susceptible to pain and illness. Traditional Chinese medicine theory says that disease is usually caused by functional disorder first. When we mention “functional disorder”, we mean poor blood circulation and an imbalance of the nervous system. Only if Qi flows freely through the channels, when Yin and Yang are well-balanced, can the function of the body be maintained in good condition.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

Acupuncturists  access health condition of a person by feeling the pulsation at each wrist and by observing the color of the tongue, body and facial complexion. Combing medical history, personal living and working habits, physical environment, and family history, an accurate diagnosis by Chinese medicine can be figured out.


After a clear diagnosis, a treatment plan is decided to help this health condition by acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, moxibustion, massage, diet or exercise. The goal of treatment is to adjust and harmonize Yin and Yang and this is achieved by regulating the Qi, Blood and Essence in the organ networks and channels. 

How does Chinese medicine offer benefits for pregnancy?

Chinese Medicine increases blood flow to the uterus and increased thickness of the uterine lining. Which Helps ovarian function and helps produce the production of better quality eggs.  Chinese medicine helps the regulation of hormones and immune responses.  Patient is relaxed which helps reduce stress and decreased side effects of fertility drugs.

What are Herbal Remedies?

Herbal remedies are made of several Chinese herbs to enhance their individual properties and actions. According different signs and symptoms which each patient shown, different herbal remedies are selected. Such as tonic formulas restore body energy, purging formulas clear out the fire or accumulation of the body, regulating formulas disperse Qi or Blood stagnation and also relieve the pain. 

How do Chinese Herbs work?

Herbal medicine is itself a powerful method of healing. Western drugs often control symptoms, but do not alter the disease process (antibiotics eliminate bacteria but do not improve a person’s resistance to infection). Chinese herbs treat the underlying condition as defined by traditional diagnosis, and rarely cause unwanted side-effects.


For example, fatigue results from a lack of Qi, herbs that nourish the Qi have an energizing effect. Since blurry vision, insomnia, and irritability from depleted Blood,Blood-nourishing herbs improve vision, sleep and equanimity.

How long do I need to take herbal remedies?

It depends on different conditions and body constitutions of each person. Some conditions are resolved in one to two weeks of herbal treatments while other conditions need half a year.

What about the interaction of Chinese herbs and western medications?

Not very many researches have been shown the interaction of Chinese herbs and western medications. However, Chinese herbs and western medications are combined to treat a lot of disorders for many years, such as cancer treatment, hypertension, diabetes, menstrual disorders, infertility, and menopause, etc…




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