Looking for a number of services for a good deal? Explore our packages to pamper yourself and make the most of your money! 

Refresh Package

   1.5 Hours       $140.00  

Everyone needs to pamper themselves once in a while in order to perform at their best. Tension takes its toll not only on you mentally, but also your health and well being. This package combines our Facial Treatment with our Back Facial Session. Treat yourself or that special someone to a relaxing spa experience.


Rebalance Package

   2 Hours      $150.00  

There are many impurities in our bodies that need to be released to improve our health. This package combines Detoxifying Body Wrap, and Detoxification Foot Bath. These Treatments will help cleanse your body leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Relax Package

   2.5 hours     $160.00   

This relaxation package includes Signature Facial, 60 minutes Full Body Massage and 45 minutes Reflexology or Pedi-Massage. 

Escape Package

    4.5 Hours       $235.00  


This package includes one Acupuncture session, Signature Facial, 60 minutes Full Body Massage, and Detox Foot Bath.